The Dedicated Life Institute (DLI) exists to develop and celebrate each person’s sacred calling and capacity for wisdom, love, and creative action. DLI supports spiritual exploration and growth and is dedicated to making the principles and practice of Buddhism and the essence teachings of many traditions accessible. The Institute also fosters the creative adaptation and expansion of  ancient teachings to contemporary discoveries and understandings of the human design, of the evolutionary dynamics of life, and of the nature of human relationships.

The work of the Dedicated Life Institute is informed by four working assumptions: 
  • Each of us can find our own sacred core of dignity, wisdom, love, and dedication. 
  • This sacred core is nurtured through conscious work, loving service, and ennobling action guided by teachings and practices from the world’s spiritual traditions. 
  • We can contribute to the evolution of an ennobling culture and community. 
  • In addition to awakening, we grow toward spiritual maturity through the cultivation of mind, heart, and creation. 

The Institute offers courses, meditation groups and retreats for personal enrichment, spiritual growth, and sacred community. DLI also provides pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, and mentoring for spiritual leadership.

Weekly Meditation
Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM
All are welcome.

 See the Programs page for details.

The theme of the teachings for the Fall 2017 is The Ennobling Path of a Dedicated Life. 

Institute programs enable participants to:   
  • Clarify, grow and exercise a spiritual path and life purpose. 
  • Integrate spiritual practice, work in the world, and the development of sacred community. 
  • Experience authentic wisdom and fullness of presence. 
  • Cultivate embracing love and compassion. 
  • Generate a stream of blessings, benefit, and beauty from what is.

Dedicated Life Institute

53 Weschester Road
Newton, MA 02458-2519